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You and I know there’s no better way of building a business than having your own products to sell.

Starting from scratch is just too tiring and time consuming… BUT I get it, you can’t just go out of your business budget allotment, especially if you can help it.

So, how about we get you going with a super savers discount offer:

Get Ancient Ayurveda PLR
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[PLR] Ancient Ayurveda DS 1

You still get all the CORE components of the business package, minus the bonuses and accessory parts. Everything you need to make money is here, and ROI if just a single sale away...

Ancient Ayurveda PLR Package…

Ancient Ayurveda PLR Package…

Module 1 - High Quality Ayurveda
Video Series with PLR

  VALUE: $950.00  

If you want to make more money with info-marketing, videos is the way to go. Videos are great medium of instruction - making them HIGHLY sought out. By design, you have an 'offer' that sells itself to clients.

You get the videos in easy to digest chunks. Enough to make your clients satisfied. You can set-up the videos as downloadable, so your clients can watch them at a flexible time, even offline.

Now, you can tell your prospective buyers that "going thru the course is easier". Because the more your clients can take action from your product, the more likely they are to produce good results... in return making you a credible character in the market place.

Here's One Example of the Many High Quality Videos You Get

Module 2 - Ready Made Upsell Sales
Page w/ Killer Copy

  VALUE: $750.00  

If you want to instantly DOUBLE, or even TRIPLE your earnings, having an upsell is definitely the way to go. But in order to sell that “bump” offer, you’d need a high converting upsell sales copy, and a professional sales page. Fortunately, you get these valuable assets today as well.

You get a 'real' sales page that sells for you 24/7 - all year round. This comes loaded with graphics and important 'sales letter' components. You'd normally pay for $500 (on the low end) to have someone write your sales letter... but today, you get a sales letter drafted by a real-world copywriter.

Imagine the money and time you're actually saving just because of this component --- you should be smiling right now. Just sprinkle some attitude, stir in a little personality for better conversions... or upload the sales page "as-is" if you wish.


Module 3 - Killer UPSELL Video
Sales Letter

  VALUE: $300.00  

Producing a sales video is expensive, confusing, and time consuming. But today, you get a sales video that SELLS for you every second of the day, for years and years to come.

The VSL script has been carefully crafted using 'persuasive' copywriting techniques that ENGAGES your visitors (...and ultimately boosts) your overall sales.

Now, you can have an easier time selling this product, giving you the power to earn more... set yourself in a better financial path, finally win back your time and enjoy life.

See an example here…

Module 4 - PowerPoint Presentation Slides

  VALUE: $150.00  

You get the slides used in the video modules. Use them for the easy customization of the course, or give them as-is so your customers can follow along. Edit or repurpose as you see fit.

You can also use them as slides for your next webinar, or even LIVE seminar (print as handouts, or turn into beautiful "cue cards,") or enhance and turn into a PDF giveaway... it's up to you.

We’ve included this in your pack so you can create additional value for your offer, so it becomes more enticing... therefore increasing conversions, earning you more money, giving you a better financial standing.

Module 5 - FULL Course MP3 Audio Files

  VALUE: $150.00  

You get the audio version of the videos... perfect if your customers are on-the-go. Just by adding this, you pump up your product's value (...allowing you to charge and earn more).

Again, we've divided the audio files into easy to digest chunks... so your customers have an easier time finding where they left of. Feel free to allow your customers to put them in their mp3 players, or burn in a CD, so they can listen to them whenever, wherever they like, even offline.

Module 6 - Follow-Up Emails for Your Upsell

  VALUE: $150.00  

If you want to significantly INCREASE your earnings per customer you get, you’d want to follow up on them with an email sequence offering your upsell. This is because of the acceptable fact that “not all your customers would be getting your upsell right of the bat”.

That’s why we’re giving a done-for-you email sequence to do the selling for you, so as not to leave your earning potential to chances. Now, you can earn more, easily... in a very efficient automated process.

Module 7- Educational Infographics

  VALUE: $500.00  

“The money is in the list”. And list building won’t be complete without an “ethical bribe” to give your potential subscribers.

So, we’re giving you these infographic ethical bribes… again, done-for-you. All you need is to set it up, and make it pull subscribers to you as soon as today.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “a picture is worth 1,000 words…”
It’s so true…

People learn and remember best by looking at something, not just reading it. That’s why infographics, like these, are all the rage right now.

We’re giving you full private label rights to 6 professional infographics… Use them in any way you wish… to build your list or include them as a special bonus to your customer.

These are gorgeous and are worth more than what you’ll invest in this entire package today.

Module 8 - Squeeze Page for Your List Building

  VALUE: $150.00  

If you want more money, you need a list. And if you need a list, you need a professional squeeze page to start taking email addresses for you. So, to make your life easier, we’re giving you one. Done-for-you. Professionally made.

It’s designed with conversion in mind, so people are compelled to enter their email address for the FREE report you’re giving away (...which, again, is done-for-you). Now, all you need is to send traffic, and start making money off the highly targeted list you're building right away.

Module 9 - Set of Legal Pages

  VALUE: $100.00  

Let’s face the truth, putting up those “legal pages” are boring, BUT very important. So, to take the burden off you, we’re throwing in easy-to-customize (html) legal page templates. Edit, upload, and you’re all set to do business. Easy peezy.

Module 10- FULL Professional Graphics Set

  VALUE: $750.00  

Despite the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” --- people do judge things based on packaging. So, to give you an edge in the marketplace, we’re giving you the complete set of professionally designed graphics (including any CD/DVD covers, artwork) necessary to sell the product.

Aside from the PNG file (with transparent background), you also get the PSD files as well. So you can easily edit them in Adobe Photoshop or use GIMP (free software). Re-title, add your name, URL, change the colors, add your logos… do what you please, then sell & make money.

Module 11 - PLR License

  VALUE: Priceless  

You get the private label rights to everything mentioned above.

Ok. You gotta agree: this package is a steal. A massive value overload, in-fact. But…


Again, Your Purchase is Safe and Protected
by Our Money Back Guarantee

Let’s have a square deal. You like the package, or we don’t want your money. That’s it. Note that we want you to be happy with your purchase. That’s why we gave the best care and attention in the production of this package.

But for any reason you feel this isn’t for you, just send me an email, and I’ll process a refund of your tiny investment. Simple, friendly, and safe.


We did our part. It’s your turn.

Again, this offer is a steal.

Take advantage while licenses are still available.

Again, we’re releasing this for the next: 80 customers only!

[PLR] Ancient Ayurveda DS 1

You get everything you need to start profiting more. And You're 100% protected by our 30-day money back guarantee.

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PLR Rights Included:

[YES] Can be edited as you please
[YES] Can be packaged or bundled with other products
[YES] Can be spun
[YES] Can write name as the author upon re-titling
[YES] Can be added to paid membership site
[YES] Can be added to your coaching program
[YES] Can be used for product creation

To protect your interest and investment…

[NO] Can sell Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Can be offered through auction sites
[NO] Can be sold on other resale site
[NO] Can be given away in PLR format