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Do You Have An Amazing Product Idea?

Let Us Create Your Own Unique, Tailor-Made Sales Funnel

And Turn Your Dreams Into Reality




The Inventors Club

An Elite ‘Inner Circle for Just 30 Serious& Ethical Entrepreneurs


Does Any Of This Sound Like You?

  • You’ve spotted a gap in the market, or an untapped niche
  • You’ve found an audience with a common problem, but there are no solutions on the market
  • You’ve found a way to change people’s lives for the better, and want to create something unique to offer them

“Ideas without action are worthless” - Harvey MacKay

Listen, we already think you’re wonderful for wanting to build a profitable online business, while being generous enough to make a difference to people’s lives…

So, for the next 6 weeks, for just 30 entrepreneurs, we are opening up our elite Inventors Club…

Here’s What You Get:

  • Access to our expert copy writing team

Whatever idea you have, our professional team will listen to you and create a custom-made sales funnel that brings your ideas to life.

Our team of professional copywriters will create all the products in your sales funnel, to your specifications, including lead magnets, EBook courses, video/ audio products, squeeze pages, sales pages etc.

All written with ‘hypnotic’ copy for maximum conversions, sales and profits.

  • Access to our professional graphic design team

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but we all do! I want your customers to associate you and your brand with words like “premium”and “quality.”


Our talented graphic designers will create visually stunning, high-end products and web pages that you’d be proud to be associated with.

  • Access to our highly skilled technical team

Why waste time and get frustrated with annoying technical issues, when we have a gifted IT team who can do it all for you?


They will do a full set up of your new online business, including upload of sales funnel and products to your hosting, integration with social media platforms, integration of 3rd party apps and services, such as payment processors, autoresponders etc.

  • Direct access to our dedicated support team

Perhaps you want to amend an idea? Perhaps you’ve had a light bulb moment?Ideas are like weeds; once they start to grow, they really grow!


Which is why we give you access to our friendly support team, who will listen to all your ideas and suggestions, so we deliver you your perfect online business.


You’ll get an ENTIRE, 100% ORIGINAL Sales Funnel:

  • A lead magnet report, with your name as the author
  • A beautiful EBook, also with you as author
  • Bespoke upsell products, such as video/audio courses
  • Proven-to-convert sales pages / squeeze pages for each product
  • Attention grabbing graphics
  • Exclusive bonuses to entice more sales
  • An entire sales funnel with 100% original content, just for you!

Real World COST of Hiring Experts to Create, Design and Upload a Brand New Bespoke Online Business:


Today, you SAVE


"Vision without action is merely a dream.

Vision with action can change the world."

                                                                            - Joel A. Barker


Here’s What I Want You To Do Now:

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Right Now, You Have 2 Choices:

Option #1


  • Lose months trying to create your own sales funnel, without the necessary skills in copy writing, graphic / web design and IT, struggling by yourself
  • Spend $10K+ on hiring a team of professionals to do it for you, without any assurance of quality
  • Give up after months of trial and error, and then kick yourself when you find out somebody else had the same idea and made it successful!

Option #2


  • No Grunt Work –We’ll hand over a done-for-you bespoke sales funnel, created exactly to your specifications
  • Save $1000's on finding and hiring your own freelance professionals
  • You own custom-made online business –ready for you to ‘plug in’ and start generating profits

Click the button below immediately

to benefit from your own custom-built online business




We Have To Limit This To Only 30 People

I’ve Been Instructed To Remove This Fast Because:

  • Our team will create a unique sales funnel, with tailor-made products that no one else has…which takes up a lot of their time
  • Once 30 people snap up this offer, I have to close it down as our teams’ work schedule will be full
  • If you are lucky enough to see this page, it means you’re not too late (but hurry!)

“Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes.” – Napoleon Hill

"I can’t praise The Inventor’s Club enough! They created a stunning custom online business that would have cost me 3 times as much if I outsourced elsewhere.”

- Mark Henry



To Your Success,