Don’t Shelve Your Amazing Product Idea!

What If We Built You A Tailor-Made Sales Funnel On a 50/50 Revenue Share Deal?



The Inventors 50/50 Club




I seriously hate knowing that you may have an awesome product idea…

Only for it to never see the light of day because, right now, you don’t have the funds to make your unique business idea a reality…

So how about I make you a deal?

Would You Like To Go Into Business With A Genuine 6 Figure Online Marketer?

The fact that you bought Be The Reiki Master PLR Package proves to me that:

  • You’re serious about building a profitable online business
  • You want to build a business that makes a genuine difference to people’s lives

Here’s Your Chance To Turn Your Idea
Into A Profitable Online Business,
On A 50/50 Revenue Share Deal!



That’s right!

I don’t want to see your idea die a death…

And I’d hate for you find out in a few months’ time that someone else, who had deeper pockets, was able to take your idea and run with it…

Turning it into lucrative business!

Book In A FREE 30 Minute Consultation With Me And Let’s Get The Ball Rolling…

If your idea sounds like a good fit, we can start creating a profitable sales funnel, with a 50/50 split in costs and revenue.

I look forward to a building a lucrative business relationship with you!


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A Reminder Of What You’ll Get:



  • Access to our expert copy writing team

Our professional team will create a custom-made sales funnel,including all products.

  • Access to our professional graphic design team

Our talented graphic designers will create visually stunning, high-end products and web pages that you’d be proud to be associated with.

  • Access to our highly skilled technical team

Our professional team will do a full set up and upload of your new online business.

  • Direct access to our dedicated support team

Our friendly support team will listen to all your ideas and suggestions, so we deliver you your perfect online business.

You’ll get an ENTIRE, 100% ORIGINAL Sales Funnel:

  • A lead magnet report, with your name as the author
  • A beautiful EBook, also with you as author
  • A beautiful EBook, also with you as author
  • Proven-to-convert sales pages / squeeze pages for each product
  • Attention grabbing graphics
  • Exclusive bonuses to entice more sales
  • An entire sales funnel with 100% original content, just for you!

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To Your Success,