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Hi there,

Kunal here again,

I want to ask you a simple question (please be honest with yourself when answering)…

Do You Make Sound Business Decisions?

Please Stop and Read This Carefully!

Just a few moments ago, you invested in “Be The Reiki Master” PLR Package… thank you so much, we appreciate you!

The fact that you’ve placed your trust with us shows us the kind of big-hearted marketer you are, and we promise, we will not let you down.

But what made you want to acquire this valuable business asset?

Was it because:

  • You’ve been stung in the past, by bad PLR products, and you saw your chance to invest in a PLR package written by expert copywriters and journalists?
  • You knew this cutting edge, up-to-date content from a genuine Reiki Master would provide immense value and benefit to your subscribers and customers?
  • You saw that it was produced by a team of innovative graphic designers for the most beautiful looking, high-quality content?
  • You saw the massive profits you could make with this health and fitness solution?

Less than a minute ago, you made a definitive decision, as a savvy business owner, to invest in your first “Be The Master” PLR Package.

If you trust your judgement, then how would you like to add this stunningly produced, done-for-you Reiki Instructional Video Course to your sales funnel today?

76% Of People Learn A New Skill Faster

With Visual Instructions

(Instead of written instructions)

Because of this fact, your audience will really value a video course, and see it as a ‘must buy.’

You’ve already invested in the rest of the funnel (list building report, valuable ‘first offer’ EBook, bonuses, sales page, sales video promo, ad banners and graphics…)

Now you can add this video series as a sought-after, higher-priced upsell to round out your funnel.

This will generate even more $$$$ from your subscribers and EBook customers!

I don’t want you just up and running, I want you hitting it out of the ballpark as soon as physically possible…

By acquiring this valuable video asset, you’ll now have, at your fingertips, the perfect product to upsell to anyone who has purchased your EBook…

For a much higher price!


Be The Reiki Master PLR OTO 1



This is where the serious profits roll in…

I’m offering you this revolutionary, “behind closed doors” video course, where your customers and subscribers get to see exactly how a genuine Reiki Master channels their healing powers…

And, of course, in keeping with the rest of the  PLR Package, it’s a beautiful, professionally recorded, high quality instructional video series.

I’m sure you can see how immensely educational and valuable this would be to your customers, who would happily pay a premium price for access…

I advise you to prepare yourself for receiving a ton of grateful customer emails!

You no longer have to worry about what to offer your audience after they access your EBook – you have the ideal product that takes their Reiki journey to the next level...

In fact, we’ve carefully designed the EBook to whet the appetite of a Reiki enthusiast just enough to want more…

And then you hit them with the perfect second offer!

Introducing …..

"Be The Reiki Master" PLR Video Course

This is a beautifully produced ‘insider’ video course where we ask a real Reiki Master to demonstrate the 16 Reiki hand positions for self-healing, and the 18 Reiki hand positions for healing others…


These are the exact healing hand positions detailed in the “Be The Reiki Master” EBook, an asset you acquired just a few minutes ago.

As with the rest of the Be The Reiki Master PLR Funnel you’ve invested in, this video course has the same high-end look and feel, inside and out…

And remember, you’ll get the same full private label rights and resell rights, which means you can change, edit, rebrand and sell this content, however you like.

Slap Your Name On All Of This

And Bank 100% Of The Profits


Be The Reiki Master PLR OTO 1



Module 1- High Quality "Be The Reiki Master" Instructional Videos Course

  VALUE: $950.00  

This is a ground breaking, "watch over the shoulders" video course, where a genuine Reiki Master demonstrates how they channel healing power into their hands, for self-healing and for healing others.

Video instruction is HIGHLY sought-after as people learn faster with visual directions over written instruction. By design, this is an offer that literally sells itself.

Beautifully crafted, shot and mastered to a superior quality, you’ll get this course in easy to digest chunks, perfect for your customers to download and find exactly which part of the course they need.

This is the kind of product that’s sure to set you apart from all the competition.

  • Demonstration of the 16 Reiki hand positions for self-healing
  • Demonstration of the 18 Reiki hand positions for healing others
  • How to use the 5 Reiki symbols to aid healing

Here’s One Example of the Bite-Size Videos You’ll Get:

Module 2- Ready Made Upsell Sales Page w/Killer Copy

  VALUE: $300.00  

If you want to instantly DOUBLE, or even TRIPLE your earnings, having an upsell is definitely the way to go. But in order to sell that “bump” offer, you’d need a high converting upsell sales copy, and a professional sales page. Fortunately, you get these valuable assets today as well.

You'll get a proven-to-convert sales page,written by a top copy writer, that sells for you 24/7 - all year round.

This comes loaded with graphics and important 'sales letter' components. You'd normally pay for $500 (on the low end) to have someone write your sales letter... but today, you get a sales letter drafted by a real-world copywriter.

Imagine the money and time you're actually saving just because of this component --- you should be smiling right now. Just sprinkle some attitude, stir in a little personality for better conversions... or upload the sales page "as-is" if you wish.

Module 3- Killer Upsell Video Sales Letter

  VALUE: $300.00  

Remember, marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

However, producing a sales video is expensive, confusing, and time consuming. But today, you get a sales video that SELLS for you every second of the day, for years and years to come.

The VSL script has been carefully crafted using 'persuasive' copywriting techniques that ENGAGES your visitors (...and ultimately boosts) your overall sales.

Now, you can have an easier time selling this product, giving you the power to earn more... set yourself in a better financial path, finally win back your time and enjoy life as we are giving you :

  • 2 Professionally created sales videos
  • Video sales letters available in both male and female voices to suit your needs

See an example here…

Be The Reiki Master PLR OTO 1

Module 4- Full Course MP3 Audio Files

  VALUE: $300.00  

Not only will you get a high-quality instructional video course, we'll also hand you the full audio files.

You can offer this as a separate product to appeal to customers who prefer to learn by listening to books and podcasts, instead of watching videos...

Or you can offer this with the video course to add a ton of value (allowing you to charge even more).

Again, we've divided the audio files into easy to digest chunks... so your customers can easily find which section they need. Feel free to allow your customers to download directly to their mp3 players, or burn to CDs, so they can listen to them whenever and wherever they like.

Not only that, should you wish to rebrand or edit the videos, these audio files will become invaluable.

Module 5- Pre-Written Follow-Up Marketing Emails For Your Upsell

  VALUE: $150.00  

We recommend you offer this video course as an upsell to the EBook you've already invested in. Which is why we asked a top copywriter to craft the perfect series of marketing emails to send to your customers once they've bought your EBook.

These emails are designed to build on what your customers have learnt in the EBook, and get them excited for the video course, to generate maximum sales.

Just plug them into your autoresponder, and start generating serious profits!


Module 6- 6 Gorgeous Educational Infographics

  VALUE: $500.00  

You've probably heard the phrase "a picture is worth 1000 words...?"It's so true!

People learn and remember best by looking at something, and not just reading it. That's why infographics are all the rage right now.

So we hired a top notch graphic designer to create these done-for-you series of infographics.

These are ideal if you wish to sell this video course direct to the public, instead of your EBook customers...

Or you can even use this as another lead magnet, or 'ethical bribe' to pull in subscribers to sell both your EBook AND this video course - it's entirely up to you!

We're giving you full private label rights to 6 professional infographics... Use them in any way you wish, to build a list or include them as a special bonus.

These are gorgeous and worth more than what you'll invest in this entire package today.

Module 7- Squeeze Page For Your List Building

  VALUE: $150.00  

If you want to make lots of money, and make money long term, you need a list.

Just a few minutes ago, you invested in a done-for-you PLR package that included an awesome list building Reiki report to pull in subscribers.

To make your life even easier, here we've included a professionally written, proven-to-convert squeeze page, designed to compel people into leaving their email addresses to get your Reiki report.

This is sure to build you a huge list of subscribers in no time, ready to sell your in-demand products to.

If you want to make lots of money, and make money long term, you need a list.

Just a few minutes ago, you invested in a done-for-you PLR package that included an awesome list building Reiki report to pull in subscribers.

To make your life even easier, here we've included a professionally written, proven-to-convert squeeze page, designed to compel people into leaving their email addresses to get your Reiki report.

This is sure to build you a huge list of subscribers in no time, ready to sell your in-demand products to.

Module 8- Set Of Legal Pages

  VALUE: $100.00  

Let’s face the truth, putting up those “legal pages” are boring, BUT very important. So, to take the burden off you, we’re throwing in easy-to-customize (html) legal page templates. Edit, upload, and you’re all set to do business. Easy peezy.

Module 9- Full Professional Graphics Set

  VALUE: $750.00  

Despite the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” --- people do judge things based on packaging. So, to give you an edge in the marketplace, we’re giving you the complete set of professionally designed graphics (including any CD/DVD covers, artwork) necessary to sell the product.

Aside from the PNG file (with transparent background), you also get the PSD files as well. So you can easily edit them in Adobe Photoshop or use GIMP (free software). Re-title, add your name, URL, change the colors, add your logos… do what you please, then sell & make money.

Module 10- PLR License


You get the private label rights to everything mentioned above.

This Is Serious Asset Acquisition

The "Be The Reiki Master Video Course"

Is The Ultimate, Higher Ticket Offer

To Round Out Your Reiki Sales Funnel

Of course, you don’t need this video course to make the sales funnel work (don’t you hate marketers who try to upsell you something that is vital to the original product??)
You already own a complete done-for-you PLR sales funnel, ready for you to upload and start profiting.
However, this Reiki video course was designed to be the perfect, ‘high ticket’ second product for you to upsell your EBook customers…
Which offers you the perfect opportunity to identify your most serious customers, as well as generate even more money.
Of course, as before, it’s entirely up to you what you do with this video package, you don’t have to stick to my ‘second upsell’ suggestion:

Be The Reiki Master PLR OTO 1


Here’s Just a Few Ideas:

  • Turn videos into a lead magnet in return for an email opt-in
  • Turn videos into a bonus to add to an existing related offer, or affiliate offer
  • Add videos to your existing high ticket paid membership sites
  • Transfer videos onto DVDs/CDsto create an offline home study course, or for seminars or webinars
  • Turn video chapters into high quality video articles

…… and any other ideas you can think of!

    However, Our

Number One Recommendation

   Is For You To Build A Funnel

You’ve already invested in a proven sales funnel; this video course is the very profitable icing on the cake!

Here’s a reminder of the full sales funnel you already own:

  • A stunning Reiki report to giveaway as a free lead magnet that quickly builds a list of engaged subscribers (Remember, we’ve already given you everything you need to generate high amounts of traffic to your report, such as proven ad banners and social media images)
  • A gorgeous, professionally written EBook for you to sell as a valuable first offer (Remember, we recommend that you set this at an enticing low price to easily convert as many subscribers into buyers)
  • A proven-to-convert sales page to help you get as many of your subscribers to buy your EBook
  • Sought after, powerful bonuses that make your EBook offer ultra-tempting

The Reiki eBook will generate revenue for you, absolutely. But I recommend you keep the price low. This is because the first sell is always the hardest.

I bet you’re quite loyal to certain brands, shops or stores? That’s because you’ve purchased from them before and know you’re getting great value and quality.

In the same vein, once you’ve turned your subscribers into buyers, they become much easier to sell more products to (trust me, once they see the eBook, they’ll associate your business with “high-quality” and want more!)

The Missing Puzzle Piece

Once you have a list of EBook buyers, we recommend you upsell this valuable Be The Reiki Master Video Course:

  • Step 1 - Plug in our pre-written series of marketing emails into your autoresponder to leverage the power of your new list

These emails are specifically designed, by a top copywriter, to build on what your EBook buyers have learnt in the EBook, and get them excited to learn more by purchasing the video course.

  • Step 2 - Send your customers to our proven-to-convert video sales page, created to squeeze out the maximum number of sales
  • the video course at $47+ and deliver this high quality product to your buyers

This video series will help you make significant profits, and also sift out your most motivated customers

  • Cross-sell affiliate products and other products you own

Remember, I have a whole line of equally impressive PLR sales funnels in the lucrative alternative therapies niche, ready for you to make even more profits from your customer lists!

Be The Reiki Master PLR OTO 1

Let’s Quickly Recap On The Assets You Will  Acquire Today:

  • Module 1: High Quality "Be The Reiki Master"Instructional Video Series - Value $950
  • Module 2: Ready-Made Upsell Sales Page w/Killer Copy - Value $300
  • Module 3: Killer Upsell Video Sales Letter - Value $300
  • Module 4: Full Course MP3 Files - Value $150
  • Module 5: Pre-written Follow Up Marketing Emails For Your Upsell - Value $150
  • Module 6: 6 Gorgeous Educational Infographics - Value $500
  • Module 7: Squeeze Page For Your List Building - Value $150
  • Module 8: Set Of Legal Pages - Value $100
  • Module 9: Full Professional Graphics Set - Value $750

That’s A Total Value Of $3350!

But Today, As A One-Time Offer

You Will Pay Only

Be The Reiki Master PLR OTO 1

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve bought low-quality PLR videos in the past… what makes this different?

A lot of PLR videos are just rehashed content put together from free resources found all over the internet. We made this video course with the latest information showing the real Reiki hand positions to heal yourself and others as well. You won’t find this anywhere else online!

What if I’m not technically savvy?

This is so easy to set up. Just follow our step-by-step instructions… And if you need extra help we also have a DFY Setup Service in which our team installs everything for you without you needing to worry about any tech hassles! You will see this offer after you buy this video course.

Why should I get this today?

Because this is the perfect second product to upsell to your Reiki customers. Everybody absorbs information better when watching instructions (rather than reading), and there is a higher perceived value to video, so you can charge more! All while changing people’s lives for the better.

Are there any ongoing fees?

None whatsoever! Just a tiny one-time investment today, and this amazing resource is yours forever.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Nope! As before, a genuine Reiki Master has gone against the advice of all of their colleagues and given away all the secrets. I’m not going to disrespect that by offering a money-back guarantee that will only attract shiny object hunters. This is for intelligent, aggressive marketers only.

How do I get started?

Simply click the button below to get INSTANT ACCESS…

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It’s Your Turn Now…

I've done my part. I've created a package you can turn into an income stream... and you can take advantage of the very low (super sale) price today.

Imagine yourself laying the building blocks of your business... expanding it, along with your authority and expertise. Each of these adding up to your chances to advance, get better at things, at life, and reach success… so you have a happier, fulfilling life.

If you don't have a product of your own yet (or if you simply want to add another income stream to your existing product lines) --- “Be The Reiki Master” (Video PLR Package) is perfect for you.

It's your turn to act now.

Click that order button and see you on the next page.


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